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Ashley is a British-Swedish singer-songwriter based in Malmö, blending emotive soft-rock and country-pop with poignant lyrics and memorable melodies. An accomplished songwriter, Ashley's music evokes a sense of nostalgia, tenderly exploring themes of love, loss, and longing, inviting listeners on a journey of introspection and worth.With a blend of influences, ranging from 70s classic rock, through to modern indie pop-rock, Ashley's sound is both timeless and contemporary, resonating with audiences of all ages.Drawing inspiration heavily from personal experiences and universal emotions, Ashley's songs serve as a soundtrack to life's most poignant moments, offering solace and understanding to those who listen.Whether performing live or recording in the studio, Ashley's passion for storytelling shines through in every note, captivating audiences and leaving a lasting impression.Based in Malmö, Sweden, Ashley's musical journey has been varied, and driven by hands-on creativity. Ashley has released four albums, and six singles, including his most known track 'Walls', which received significant airplay in Sweden.While a lot of Ashley's music is self-produced, Ashley regularly leans on a host of talented musicians to add colour to his music. Collaborators include Malmö-based prog-rock legend, Hans Annellsson, with whom Ashley has extensively written songs for the studio project 'The Vegetarians'. Another incredible collaborator is Berlin-based metal musician and producer, Chris Weinhardt, who has been a musical inspiration and guide since 2018.Ashley's creativity extends beyond music, too. Ashley is a talented podcaster (past host of revered local-music podcast 'BPM Pod', and current host of film review podcast 'Last Night I Watched...'), a voiceover artist, writer, and communications professional.Onstage, Ashley captivates with honest yet sensitive performances, blending commitment with self-deprecating humor, creating an intimate atmosphere where vulnerability meets authenticity.A veteran of the Malmö open stage scene, don't miss the chance to experience the heartfelt music of Ashley, a rising star in the world of singer-songwriters.

It all started with a Hitachi cassette player. With a built in microphone, I would host my own radio shows, complete with ads, music, interviews, and more.Little did I know that this childhood passion would blossom into a love of radio broadcasting. So, when podcasting came along, I was over the moon.Check out my current and past podcast adventures below. And maybe you can subscribe to 'Last Night I Watched...' while you're at it.

Last Night I Watched...

With so many streaming services, what should you watch next? Hell, you won't find the answer on this podcast. But you will find honest, unfiltered, candid film reviews of whatever I stumble across. Maybe you'll find a hidden gem. Maybe you'll find a steaming turd. Join me on this random film journey across cyberspace, which you certainly leave you with something to talk about when you utter the phrase: "Last night, I watched..."

BPM Pod (ended 2023)

For four years, I ran a bi-weekly podcast (BPM Pod) focusing on the unsung voices of the amateur music scene. Each episode achieved approximately 1,000 listens. There were 100 episodes in total, with over 50 different guests.

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Maybe you want:• A relateable, entertaining public speaker• Content created or edited to spec, quickly and easily, whether that's a blog, a podcast, or video• An effective, organised workshop facilitator• An accomplished, well-spoken British voiceoverWith expertise in content creation, facilitation, and with a wealth of content planning and strategy skills, I'm here to help you achieve your communication objectives. Want to know what you can expect from me? Here's a one pager.Contact me and let's create something great.

From all-hands meetings, to conferences, to trainings, to team activities, I've got extensive experience of hosting just about anything.With companies I've served such as IKEA, Trustpilot, eyeo, and more, I'm always on hand to keep your event running smoothly, and enjoyably - whether it's a small pub quiz, to a thousand-person conference.Currently, I'm a trained facilitator in communication trainings at IKEA, as well as an event host, and communications coach. Outside of the office walls, I host a twice-monthly open mic night at a local pub, too.Contact me today to book me in for your next event.

Maybe it's the British-English charm. Maybe it's the energetic nature of my voice. Or, maybe, it's just dumb luck.Whatever it is, I'm a voiceover artist, typically recording voiceovers to video packages, news pieces, explainer videos, e-learnings, and podcasts.Please find a selection of demo recordings below. Get in touch to learn more.

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